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Meta Data Suggestions Tool for Products and Product Categories

You can add a wide variety of suggested meta data content and then further customize content when you are adding or editing products or categories.

Meta Data Suggestions

To get started you will need to create SEO Patterns for the suggestions:

SEO Tools Flower Store In a Box

Click the SEO Settings menu option to view the SEO Tools Screen and then click SEO Patterns.

SEO Tools - SEO Patterns

There are two types of suggested metadata:

  1. Page Title
  2. Page Descriptions

To add a suggestion click the blue button Add Pattern and the choose title or description:

Add  suggested pattern

here is a guide that we have written to writing Metadata For Florists, use this to create the suggested content.

Enter the Suggested Patterns

Use Name for the name of the product or product category, Price for the Price of the Product

So for a title you might enter:

Buy Name Flowers from only Price | Demo`s Florist


Buy Name Flowers from budget to luxurious from Demo`s Florist seven day a week. We offer Melbourne Gift and flower delivery.

Choose whether the option is for the product category or a product.

This will then be available for you to use when editing.

It’s important to note that these tools are not meant to create content that is perfect.  Instead these tools are a way to help you create basic meta data that is useful and present.  For best SEO results all metadata should still be unique!

Added: 2021-6-18 and last modified: 2021-6-18
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